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It doesn't always have to be new

Existing objects and old buildings can also be upgraded with intelligence. That makes perfect sense, as an add-on to increased comfort, there's infinite money flow into the piggy bank.

Finding the savings

Smart not only stands for convenient operation, in a modern building smart control is a significant contribution to energy efficiency. In contrast to a new construction, the energy consumption of an existing property is usually known.
Whenever smart home concepts are implemented consistently, savings of more than 50% are not the exception but the rule.

  • Heating warms specifically when and where it is necessary. And learns in the process.
  • Shading elements opening and closing based on weather conditions.
  • Power consumption is distributed and scheduled according to availability.


One might think this requires a complete rebuild of the electrical system, but don't worry. Almost all control and regulation solutions can be implemented via radio links. In most cases, this requires very little structural and manageable installation effort.


Limited transmission power and transmission time represent the hurdles in the implementation of radio solutions. Radius can be extended by forwarding the signal, but the transmission time is limited by law. For the user, this is barely noticeable in normal operation, even in large installations. However, major changes such as firmware updates carried out in the background can take hours or even days so as not to affect daily life operations.

Everything changes

Ovid (43 v. Chr. - 17 n. Chr.), actually Publius Ovidius Naso
Although such systems are quite suitable for hobbyists and home-improvers, the real potential is unveiled to the experienced professional.

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